The RTP-250

The Helicoat rotary tape platform is a new and innovative finishing product. Our patented process enables long production runs of custom finished veneer edge banding tape. This pioneering product allows hundreds of feet of tape to be finished in tight work quarters. Presently, conventional methods of finishing custom tapes cause bottlenecking in production.

In fact, our process is perfect for just in time production applications. In addition to its efficiency, the Helicoat RTP-250 is quite simple to use. With its automatic loading design and its variety of modes such as sanding, staining, varnishing and drying, the RTP-250 will be a helpful asset to your production process. Helicoat will not only save you time and labor costs, but will increase your productivity as well. Within the woodworking industry this product has one of the quickest returns on your investment.